Who said just mommy may have a vast range of accessories to pick from and use? Now little girls can have a wide assortment of accessories like hats to wear too. In mommy’s case, she might wear a hat as an accessory along with it being used for protection. But for little girls, hats are more security than accessory. However, that does not mean that girls can’t look adorable in them. At Oobi we understand the real balance between functionality and fashion.

We have hats for various events. If your little one is really a stickler for having a matching hat and outfit, then we’ve got a catalog of outfits to pick from which can be mixed and matched with our hats. No one would want to wear a hat in a boring color and that’s precisely why our assortment of hats comes in a wide variety of bold colours. Some of the hats are in a good color while some have cute and interesting prints on them.

Selecting The Perfect Style

You will find girls’ hats which include neck ties, and the ones that don’t. If your daughter is young and energetic, you may want to purchase a hat with a neck tie since this will help to shield the hat to your own body in case it falls off. If your daughter is older, she might not enjoy the idea of having neck ties and may favor a style without them. A few of the hats have an extra wide brim to help protect your child from the sun’s damaging rays.

Oobi girls’ hats have a collection that is both summer and winter friendly. The winter hats are made from 100% cotton that’s guaranteed to keep your little one feeling warm throughout. The winter selection also has colors and designs that are bold and fun. The hats come with matching scarfs which may be worn with other Oobi outfits.

Some of those Oobi hats are reversible, meaning you may wear them both ways. Talk about using two layouts in one!

Selecting The Right Size

Buying girls hats online can be tricky if you don’t have your daughter’s dimensions in mind. To quantify her, then use a tape measure around the widest part of her mind. If your daughter’s head measures 56cm then it’s best that you buy a hat in large size. The dimensions used at Oobi comprise 54cm for medium (M), 56cm for big (L) and 58cm for extra (XL).

We’d suggest that you obtain a hat that’s a bit larger than her existing measurement since this allows for space for growth.

It’s recommended that for maximum security, the brim of this hat should measure at least 3cm. In addition to sporting a hat, it is advised that you apply sunscreen on your daughter to further shield her. Her face and throat could be safeguarded from the hat, but the remainder of her body is left exposed.